Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wonder Woman Dot

That's NOT me next to Dot!
She's back! Today Dot rode 100 miles! That's big in and of itself, but for those who know her medical history this is awesome! Physically, Dot has recovered from her garden hose surgery a long time ago and I would say actually has become stronger. BUT, the theory was that competitive biking was the contributor to the clot, so mentally, she had been fearful of returning to competitive riding. So when I forwarded her the information on the Wonder Woman ride in Utah County, I was surprised when she decided to do it.

While officially it wasn't a race, she rode hard and strong. She finished well despite not having anyone to draft with (I guess Wonder Women don't draft since she tried a couple of times and freaked the ladies out).

I'm pretty excited she did it. Who knows what's next?

During that 6 hours the boys and I headed down to Lambert park and rode Spring and Rodeo and then headed to Utah Lake to try our luck at fishing.
The most we caught was this pizza
I think we need some tips about how to fish this lake.
Don't anyone make a comment about his hair. He gets too much positive feedback about it, as it is.

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