Friday, September 23, 2011

Bike vs Dog- Again!

This helmet probably saved her life.
This is getting ridiculous! I just finished with a poor gal who hit a dog that chased her, wrecked, and sustained a seizure, concussion and broken elbow. This is the third case this year just in our ER of severe injury to bicyclist vs dogs. And last year one of our docs had multiple rib fractures and a collapsed lung from hitting a dog. This is more than we have seen from bicyclist being hit by cars!

My question is, can the negligent dog owners be responsible? None of these cases have resulted in any attempts to hold the dog owners responsible despite very large bills and lack of insurance in some cases. Is there a law that can hold the owners liable? If so, why don't we enforce it? If not, when will the biking community stand up to enact some protection or even awareness of this issue? All bikers have some bad experience with dogs. When will there be a movement to control this problem? Does someone have to die first?

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