Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Gym

This weekend I went biking in St George during Camp Linda (a loose gathering of MTB -fun- fanatics going on long rides everyday) It was great! I did over 90 miles of riding and felt pretty good considering I really haven't ridden since the last time I was down there (three weeks).

Interestingly, however, I kept catching myself thinking about how the biking was a good RECOVERY WEEKEND- from training in the gym- that is. As a matter of fact these two seemingly disparate sports activities mesh rather well together. I get really burned out in the shoulders and core during boxing and MMA training. I've also been doing a lot of Cross-fit workouts before the morning training sessions which work the quads a good deal. So by the end of the week my body just says "recover!". And biking works out well at that point. It is good cardio conditioning and changes the leg work out away from squats, running and jumping.

Here's a few pics of the gym for those who haven't been.

It's pretty new, nicely lit up and very functional

I love the boxing bags! You can really take out a lot of energy on'em!

The tires are a bitch when coach puts them in the cardio workout
Maybe someday......