Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was down in St G Tuesday. To beat the heat I got up at dawn and headed out for a ride. I rode 3 hours and just shy of 30 miles. I did not see a single sole. I like the freedom of having the open space to get lost like that. That is a big part of the reason moved out west. Space. I think it is taken for granted when we live out here.

Some might say it is foolish to head out into the wilderness alone. Perhaps, but sometimes the calculated risk has rewards: confidence in ones independence, peace, reflection and just enough of an adrenalin rush to make you want to do it again-as long as you survive.

I recently had the discussion that humans are a social animal and are dependent on each other, which in the long term I agree with. But sometimes you just have to escape-For therapy.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Park City 50

5 hrs 30 minutes.

This was the line for the restrooms 10 minutes before the start. I wonder how many got to go?
I finished the PC50 today by 12:30pm. This was my first long distance race of the year. I really need to do more.  It was a fun one. It was planned well. It had most of the climbing (8000 ft) up front when we were fresh, crossed Mid mountain trail and ended with the a screaming downhill into the Canyons. I started strong and steady towards the front and settled into a good pack with similar ability as mine. However by mile 25 I started to cramp. Luckily I was able to spin it out for another 10 miles and then I was spent. But by then I could feel the finish coming and I held on. I finished 1/2 hour before I expected.
This was some of the climbing near the start. Carson's ahead. I rode with him most of the race until he started to have tire issues. Then I gave him my CO2 and took off.
Someone ahead of us missed the turn and we ended up taking this 100 yard hike a bike section. Can you say lemmings?