Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend I had a last minute invite to do some Conyoneering in Moab. I couldn't pass that up. I headed down with Rich and Stuart to the Moab Retreat House Friday morning. We headed out to do the Medieval Chamber. It was pretty incredible all the way around but the best part was Simul-rappelling off of Morning Glory arch. Rich and I were tied onto the same rope and went off one on each side of the arch.   The next day we headed up to the La-Sals to do the Pleiades. It was a series of 7 waterfalls.

The trouble was it was 51 degrees when we got to them when we were expecting 90's. Needless to say we were a bit cold dropping through the waterfalls. It was incredible scenery, though!
 After this drop I even had enough time to ride- Bonus! I 'found' Pipe Dream just outside the steps of our condo. It is a new single track that runs all the way along the West side of Moab and is nicely technical. Then the next morning I did the classic Slick Rock a couple of times. Way cool for a last minute getaway!

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