Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I survived- barely. This was the hardest race I've endured ever. And that's comparing it to my first Leadville 100 race-10 years ago in the blizzard and 3 inches of mud. As soon as I started I was a bit worried because both my quads were feeling tight and even a little strained. I was hoping it was my imagination. I think I had made the mistake of doing an extra Karate session Thurs which ended up involving a lot of jumps and kicking. So I took it pretty easy up to Deer Valley to make sure I was good and warmed up. But then I thought it was time to test the legs out. The quads just wouldn't respond and by the time I got towards the top, along a narrow traverse my Quads cramped up. I froze in mid pedal and was balancing there for what seemed like minutes. I couldn't do anything. Then the wind blew- in the wrong direction- and I toppled off the side of the cliff. Luckily there were some good sized bushes to catch my fall. All I could do was lay there upside down with the bike on top of me-still clipped in. Finally, I got disentangled just out of sheer embarrassment  and limped off along the trail, popped a handful of electrolytes and tried to spin it out.

Finished and heading home.
From there on (mile 27 ish- out of 80!) I kept wondering how I was going to finish. Actually, it was how I was going to quit with some dignity. The only way was if the bike broke. But the Arantix wouldn't give. What saved me were the descents. The one thing I feel that I have improved on this year have been my descending speed, and despite how rough some of the downhill was, I felt good and was able to consume a lot of miles that way. Then I would gingerly spin up the climbs. I finally got to PCMR feed zone (mile 57) and with the encouragement of Kendra, Dwight and Craig I felt maybe I could make it. I sure couldn't quit with all of their enthusiasm and help there. I was very heartened when I reached the top of Spiro having ridden the whole thing! For 20 miles I was picturing myself walking up the whole thing! The final 20 miles along mid mountain were OK and I was able to inch along to the finish.

It was my hardest ride mainly because I was in pain physically and psychologically for most of it. It was NOT fun. Will I do it again? Yup- Stupid me.

Side note: I had to hurry home to meet up with Dot to see the show-Saturday Night Voyeur by the Salt Lake Acting Company.  It's not dirty as it sounds but if you see some of the idiotsyncrocies in Utah politics you'd appreciate it. I couldn't stand up after sitting there for 2 hours, though.

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