Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mesa Verde or Not?

I just found out my boy's second degree black belt test is scheduled for the same weekend as Mesa Verde. Uuuugh! What should I do?

Here's the conversation I had with him while I was driving him to practice. I had already thought it wouldn't be fair asking him, but I wanted to see what he would say.

I said, "So Jonny, I just found out your black belt test is scheduled the same weekend as my Mesa Verde bike race" And I thought: Which I've been wanting to do for several years and this is the first time I am able to do it.

I said guiltily, "So I was wondering do you need me there for your test?"

He said, "Need? No...."   He probably thought: Here we go again, he is going to bail on this great lifetime accomplishment of mine for a stupid race he wont even come close to winning.

I thought: Ouch! He is trying to sound tough to show me he doesn't NEED me there but probably wants me to be there.

I think: Even asking this next question is wrong.
But the weak me persists, "Do you think I should go to the race or stay for your test?"

He says, "You should go to your race"

I nearly cried.

Friday, March 16, 2012

True Grit- Take Two

Well I am going to try it again. Last year if you'll recall the first attempt at True Grit was not good for anyone. Can you say HYPO-THER-MIA? So now the weather seems better- but still calling for rain- and the forecasters suck anyway. But this year this race was questionable anyway considering my weak shoulder. Luckily biking doesn't entail TOO much shoulder strength ( I hope) and my strength has improved some. BUT I need to try. Even if I don't do so great I need to feel that I can still do something physical and at least pretend to compete. I HAVE to get out there. I guess we'll see what happens. Track me here: if you are interested in seeing the race live.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Deja Vue

UPDATE Sept, 2012: Despite the ugly MRI, it looks like the damage is due to a suprascapular nerve impingement. I had it released about 6 weeks ago. The strength is just now slowly coming back. I am at about 50% on my lifting. I am back to boxing and training. Unfortunately, now knowing what my neck looks like I am hesitant to fight. We'll see.

In 2010 around this time I had some bad medical news. I messed up my right shoulder and couldn't make it for the first ICUP race. Well guess what? The first ICUP race is tomorrow in St George AND I am not going to be there. I have another medical problem- on the other side!

Here's the story-

We were down in Mexico last week- It was great by the way and I wish I would be blogging about that trip instead of this. Jonny and I had a great day of beach volleyball and all was well- until I headed to bed. All night, I had severe pain in my left shoulder keeping me from sleeping. I awoke with left shoulder weakness. I couldn't lift a half gallon of milk over my head. I've been having trouble with my left shoulder since I dislocated it 18 years ago (although this was the strongest it's ever been) so I thought maybe I tore my rotator cuff muscles. I wish.

This week I had MRI's of the shoulder which showed no tear and then of my neck. "CRAP!" says the radiologist as we sit down to read them together. My heart sank when I saw this.
I have disc herniation at several levels and its likely pushing on one of the nerves going to my shoulder thereby the pain, weakness and numbness. That was 10 days ago. I went to a non surgically oriented orthopedist so as not to influence a recommendation for surgery. He saw the MRI, looked at me and said, "On the outside you look like your 30 but your skeleton looks like it's 60" - Thanks doc. I think he was being generous on both ends.

Funny. The first thing that went across my mind was, "There goes your MMA career" No Duh! As if I ever had one!

So right now I am just waiting. Waiting to see if this goes away- not yet. Waiting to see how I can (must) tone down my activities. Waiting to see how I am going handle this psychologically. Waiting to see.....

We'll see.

Good Luck to all the Desert Rampagers tomorrow!