Saturday, August 13, 2011

FULL Saturday

Like most families our weekends can be busy. But today was really a FULL day. Here's a quick recap-

0700 Went up to Park City to meet with some team riders to pre-ride part of P2P. I got in a couple hours and a couple crashes before I headed to Jonny's tournament soccer game.

1000 Soccer tournament- Murray
Win- 11 to 0 on to the championship game at 1830
1230 - Tour of Utah downtown
Dot scored us some VIP tickets right at the start

They looked tired already

1600 Went Fishing with Joey at Spring Lake- Payson area
The big one came later
1830 Championship game
Doggy pile with couch Dot watching
Happy Champion- First place in 2-1 overtime
I must brag that Jonny scored the first point with an incredible sliding kick.

That's how to live the day to its fullest- with family.

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