Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biking and Volleyball

The Race:
The 4th UCSC 35 mile race at Corner Canyon started a little after 8 and went on for 3hr 39 minutes. Climbing Clarks (the third time) I thought, " How am I going to play Volleyball for 6 hours? The race went as well as can be expected I eased into it the first lap on the climb up Clark's then just had a great time on the down hill. As a matter of fact it's the downhill that kept me in the race. This course is near home and my training area so all the trails are very familiar to me. I felt I raced it well, giving it my all but not blowing up at the start like I usually do.

I came home and finished setting up for the V-ball party. And wow what a party it was! We a very eclectic group of folks filter in for some play time. Some were pretty impressive players and others had a great spirit. The kids seemed to have a great time between playing and swimming. I was soo energized with all the folks that came that I forgot to be tired. Once everyone left though, I crashed and was exhausted. Dot and the boys all voiced what a great time we all had. Here's some more pictures of the party.
Dot with some good form bumping
Jonny, with a flailing dive return
Joey watching Brock's diving return
We had a pretty serious thunderstorm that cooled things off and gave us a chance to rest and get some food
We went back after the thunderstorm and played into the night until we couldn't see anymore!

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  1. thanks for the invite Karl, we got off the mountain right when the skies opened and went home to treat our wives dinner out, if i woulda shown up, I likely woulda been a sleep in the sand.