Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Cross-training

Dot, going for the single ski and powering right up.
Sunday we took a break from our soccer and biking to do something different. We headed to Rush Valley (yes there is water out there-some) for some water-skiing with some friends who take skiing as seriously as I do biking. We haven't tried water skiing for exactly 10 years and therefore, the boys haven't had a chance at all.
Joey was next, getting up right away and laying down the challenge to his older brother
Jonny, focused on getting up.
Jonny was up to the challenge
I was last. I too got up after a few attempts and did a couple runs. It's impressive how sore the lats were the next day. It was fun challenging ourselves with something new. I was pretty proud of our little studs for making it look so easy for the first time. Thanks Milford's!

Now back to biking and soccer. Both boys have a big tournament this weekend and I have the Park City Point to Point (80miles). Stay tuned.

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