Sunday, May 8, 2011


I used to blog about my mountain biking with a cool bike. It was a great era. But I am more than biking. I love my job and I am passionate about my boys. And therefore this blog: Bik'ER Dad

Biker: I still love mountain biking and racing mountain bikes. However, at this time I am somewhat in a transition mode. Due to many reasons- health, time, passion, and bike issues I need to step back a bit. I intend to race and be part of the Mad Dog team which is an integral part of me but the the intensity may be more limited and thereby my training and subsequently my performance.

ER: I love working in the ER. It is full of incredible experiences-both funny and sad- that I've been wanting to share. Yes, I vow to keep my patient information private, but the general cases and events can be intriguing, heart wrenching and even uplifting. Then there is the team of dedicated health professionals I love to work with. Without them I could not do my job. When it comes to treating multiple critical care patients in the ER a team approach is indispensable.

Dad: My boys are the reasons for all I do. I had a good life before they arrived. I feel I lived it fully- indeed more so than most. But now my focus is to be the best dad I can be. That includes feeding, sheltering and protecting them as the basics. But I feel I also owe them the skills to survive emotional and physically in this world once I am not there. That includes education in school and the real world. It includes showing them right and wrong and maybe the in-between. And it includes showing them the boundless love that I have for them.

And that is perhaps the biggest reason for this blog. I am not a very fluent conversationalist and fear that what I communicate to them verbally is limited. All kids to a certain extent have short attention spans and very little of what we tell them is retained. I too forget many events in the past and will appreciate reminders of my thoughts and reflections of our activities. I will strive to make this blog a chronicle of my thoughts, feelings and actions in the journey of their upbringing. This is in the hope that some day they may stumble across our documented history and perhaps glean a better understanding. A better understanding of what we experienced as a family-perhaps from the parents point of view. And maybe this can serve to strengthen our love and family bond even greater.

So why not just write a private journal? I am not delusional that I will have a large audience and perhaps that is better. Nevertheless, I feel that putting this information out in a public forum would keep me motivated to write as well as help draw out topics of general interest. It could provide an open forum and even feedback to help me channel the conversation. To keep it more honest and interesting.

I hope not to be soo serious in further posts. I was caught in a contemplative mood.

Keep tuned in if you'd like.

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  1. I like this new direction and look forward to what you have to say.

    About racing: Don't worry about cutting back. It's just a hobby. I've settled on a level of fitness I'd like to maintain that allows me to enjoy the kind of riding I like. I think I've been happier being a recreational cyclist.