Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soldier Hollow Race- Why do I do it?

CLASSIC! Keith, the hanging bibs, the view, the dressing teammate, sum it up. We all have our reasons to be there. Mine: Well because it makes me hurt- Really. Before the race today I flippantly asked several racer why we pay for the anticipated pain. Well during the race I thought about this deep and hard. I was doing a'right for the first two laps (that's a relative term) then all went to pot when the rest of the group passed me on the third to leave me alone thinking among MANY other things, why do I do this?  I was soo hurting that I thought about quitting, hoping for a flat, having to go to the bathroom, where else I'd rather be etc...but I finished- last. At the end I did wonder why... Well where else can I make myself ride so hard for 2 hrs 37 minutes to the point my legs cramp, tell me F.. U when I ask for more and barely let me finish. NoWhere! Being in a race-even placing last- makes me ride so hard that there HAVE to be benefits to it-conditioning, strength, improved lung capacity, better living etc. I just can't make myself hurt so bad if it is a simple training ride. The race hurt so bad, it was good. Maybe someday I'll see the results of this.........

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