Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another revolution around the sun

I had one of those days that come around once a year whether you want it or not. It serves only as a marker of the number of revolutions around the sun that we've survived. But in the end, it is just another day- actually a hard one for me since I put in a 14 hour shift that day. But what made it special for me was the cards my boys made for me. Joey (8) used the computer importing pictures and clipart to design a card all by himself. And Jonny (10) in his "finest" writing- I say tongue in cheek- designed a card with 'work' coupons and an awesome sentence at the bottom. Translation, "Your the fitest 45 year old I know." It's a good thing he doesn't know many of my fellow racers that kick my arse routinely....

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