Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Race

The color was symbolic of the shivering mood at the start
Snow line just above the race line
Monday was the Stan Crane Memorial XC Race, and, well, it was par for it's tradition of cold, wet and muddy.

It was delayed by an hour because of ??? maybe the snowline was too low! WTF?

But surprisingly by race time the parking lot "was dry" as the ICUPracing tweet reported.

After lap one- still smiling. Thanks Jamie for the pic
The race ended up being fun. I tached out my heart rate early trying to keep up with the group and by the second lap (after this picture) I was anchoring the group. I just don't have the stamina. I pushed hard, dealt with a bit of chain suck and finished wore out and glad to have done it.
A bit muddy and not smiling so much by the third lap
I headed home, down the hill to the backyard party. The cold scared many away but the ones that showed had a good time and good food. My one lament... It was too cold to try out my new Sand Volleyball court :(

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