Saturday, July 9, 2011

Park City 50

5 hrs 30 minutes.

This was the line for the restrooms 10 minutes before the start. I wonder how many got to go?
I finished the PC50 today by 12:30pm. This was my first long distance race of the year. I really need to do more.  It was a fun one. It was planned well. It had most of the climbing (8000 ft) up front when we were fresh, crossed Mid mountain trail and ended with the a screaming downhill into the Canyons. I started strong and steady towards the front and settled into a good pack with similar ability as mine. However by mile 25 I started to cramp. Luckily I was able to spin it out for another 10 miles and then I was spent. But by then I could feel the finish coming and I held on. I finished 1/2 hour before I expected.
This was some of the climbing near the start. Carson's ahead. I rode with him most of the race until he started to have tire issues. Then I gave him my CO2 and took off.
Someone ahead of us missed the turn and we ended up taking this 100 yard hike a bike section. Can you say lemmings?

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