Friday, March 2, 2012

Deja Vue

UPDATE Sept, 2012: Despite the ugly MRI, it looks like the damage is due to a suprascapular nerve impingement. I had it released about 6 weeks ago. The strength is just now slowly coming back. I am at about 50% on my lifting. I am back to boxing and training. Unfortunately, now knowing what my neck looks like I am hesitant to fight. We'll see.

In 2010 around this time I had some bad medical news. I messed up my right shoulder and couldn't make it for the first ICUP race. Well guess what? The first ICUP race is tomorrow in St George AND I am not going to be there. I have another medical problem- on the other side!

Here's the story-

We were down in Mexico last week- It was great by the way and I wish I would be blogging about that trip instead of this. Jonny and I had a great day of beach volleyball and all was well- until I headed to bed. All night, I had severe pain in my left shoulder keeping me from sleeping. I awoke with left shoulder weakness. I couldn't lift a half gallon of milk over my head. I've been having trouble with my left shoulder since I dislocated it 18 years ago (although this was the strongest it's ever been) so I thought maybe I tore my rotator cuff muscles. I wish.

This week I had MRI's of the shoulder which showed no tear and then of my neck. "CRAP!" says the radiologist as we sit down to read them together. My heart sank when I saw this.
I have disc herniation at several levels and its likely pushing on one of the nerves going to my shoulder thereby the pain, weakness and numbness. That was 10 days ago. I went to a non surgically oriented orthopedist so as not to influence a recommendation for surgery. He saw the MRI, looked at me and said, "On the outside you look like your 30 but your skeleton looks like it's 60" - Thanks doc. I think he was being generous on both ends.

Funny. The first thing that went across my mind was, "There goes your MMA career" No Duh! As if I ever had one!

So right now I am just waiting. Waiting to see if this goes away- not yet. Waiting to see how I can (must) tone down my activities. Waiting to see how I am going handle this psychologically. Waiting to see.....

We'll see.

Good Luck to all the Desert Rampagers tomorrow!

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  1. How goes the back? Just stumbled on your post while researching my future options. Just got my MRI CD fired up myself after being in the tube yesterday ...My pics makes yours look like a walk in the park. So you're not alone my friend. Hoping to someday fire up the Cannondale .. .and hit the road ... but hard to do when i cant feel my right arm! certain surgery is in my future... Did you go the surgery route?? Interested to hear your update.