Monday, January 23, 2012


Thank You Mad Dog Race Team for a great 7 years! I was taken in as a very green beginner, and patiently nurtured by so many of you along the way. I have learned so much from so many of you. You became my trusting biking family I could depend on for support and for a push to work harder. But also for a hand up from my falls- which there were many. Along the way I developed incredible memories that will endure into senility (who knows maybe its already here).  A special thanks goes out to Keith, without whom there would not be a Mad Dog Race Team.

But at this time I must part ways with the team. And I hope it is only the team I leave and not the individuals I have made friends with. I have come to a fork in the road of mid life and changes seem necessary. For one, my fitness and mental focus has transitioned to MMA training. Where it will take me I have no idea, but with limited recreational time, biking has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat. With that limited time my ride time will need to be closer to home. Therefore, to find riders nearby I have chosen to sign up with Team Revolution. Remember, I am only leaving the team NOT the individual members. I hope to ride with you all again soon.

Best wishes for another winning year to all!


  1. At least you are not breaking up with cycling...that is the most important thing. Look forward to seeing you around. Best wishes always.

  2. Rich and I live nearby if you ever want to ride with us.

  3. It's always about riding with friends first. The team just gives you more friends, so now you are going to have a humungous amount of friends.